Simon Minter (born 7 September 1992), known as Miniminter, is a British YouTuber that mostly recrods gaming & vlogging videos. Minter is also known for being one of the members of The Ulitimate Sidemen.

About Edit

Minter has two YouTube channels: Miniminter & MM7Games, where he only posts gaming videos. Minter is mainly known for his football challenge's with the Sidemen.

History Edit

Minter started his YouTube channel by recording FIFA 13 videos & random vlogs. At the start, Minter made collabs with ComedyShortsGamer,Fangs & TBJLZ. After a year ago, Minter moved to a new house with three members of the Sidemen: KSI,Zerkaa & Vikkstar123. After they moved out, Minter started recording FIFA 14 & started making Q&A's videos alone and with other members of the Sidemen. After a year, Minter started making FIFA 15 videos & Omegle videos with the Sidemen.

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